England claimed the Home Counties International, Home Countries Ladies International and Home Countries Junior International cups at Bisley on Friday.

Leading the charge for England was Ken Bowley with an astonishing 397/400 – 199 at 50metres and 198 at 100yards. R.H.Wilson, N.J.Day, J.Duguid, S.L.Green and A.C.Wilshire also logged scores better than 390, to score 3910 points as a team. Scotland scored 3856 with Sheena Sharp scoring 393 overall – 195 at 50metres and 198 at 100yards.
Wales came third with 3836, with Ms S.C.Day and N.Peters both scoring 390.

In the Ladies International, England comfortably won scoring 1932 points to Scotland’s 1883 despite Sheena Sharp’s shooting the highest individual score of 393, edging out a 392 and 391 from Mrs L.Jones and Mrs W.Foith, both of England.

In the Juniors event England’s team J.Smith, D.Lay and J.Simmons of 3 scored 545 to edge out the 507 scored by Scotland’s A.Williamson, Miss I.Ambridge and A.Philbey with solid shooting all round.

It’s regrettable that Wales were unable to raise teams for the Ladies and Junior events, and hope to see better attendance next year in order to raise teams for those events.