Kristian Callaghan claimed the Air Pistol, Free Pistol and Rapid Fire Pistol titles at the British Pistol Club‘s August Meeting.In the Free Pistol, Kristian led with 538-6x to beat runner-up Alan Goodall’s 532-8x. The pair also led the Men’s Air Pistol with Kristian shooting 576-15x, comfortably running out Alan’s 561-12x. W. Man placed third on countback – having exactly equalled Alan’s score, but being counted out as his final string was 91 to Alan’s finish of 94.

Kristian is a man of many talents and excels not only in the Precision disciplines. He won the Rapid Fire Pistol (Air), leading A. McGee 583-20x to 562-11x and winning both RF Pistol (.22lr) matches by 16 points.

S. Gibbard won the 25M Standard Pistol (Air) Match, and R. Hogan took the 25M Pistol (30+30) (Air) Match.


In the Ladies, Victoria Mullin led the Air Pistol comfortably with a 381-8x seeing off Holly Soul’s 369-6x. Gorgs Geikie placed third with 367-6x. F. Trotter took the 25M Sport Pistol (Air) Match, edging C. Broome into second place.


The Ladies 25M Pistol (.22lr) was split into two relays, with Victoria Mullin having to settle for second in Match 1, beaten by Geri Buckley and only narrowly edging S. Lucas into third on inner-ten tiebreak. However, Geri fared less well in Match 2, with Victoria winning convincingly.


Full Results available here (PDF).