British-led WVU team take third consecutive victory in American Collegiate Championships.

The NCAA Rifle title was decided today in Fairbanks Alaska, with British Olympian Jon Hammond’s team edging out University of Alaska rivals by a mere two points 4702 to 4700 over the course of two days of Air Rifle and Smallbore Rifle competition.

With the best 4/5 scores taken for each team, the maximum individual score of 600 gave a maximum team score of 2400 in each of the two events, with teams chasing an HPS of 4800 over the two days of competition.

The University of Alaska stole an early lead on Friday in the 3×20 Smallbore shoot, moving a clear 12 points ahead of WVU with 2331 against 2319. The University of Nebraska sat in third with 2311.

WVU is not only coached by a Brit however, it also features Welsh and Team GB shooter Mike Bamsey, who was recruited by Coach Jon Hammond and is now at the end of his first year of three. Mike placed steadily in the middle of his team in the 3×20, placing 3/5 with 581. This score also qualified him for the individual final, where he placed 7th.

Today brought the Air Rifle match (60 shots), and it was here that West Virginia fought back with a 2383. Bamsey again placed 3rd in team with 595. It is a testament to the level of this competition that their dropped 5th score was a 590 with 39 inners – a score most Air Rifle shooters would be very happy with! Alaska shot well, but their 2369 wasn’t quite a match for WVU’s score, and they slipped to second. The Texas Christian University also made a good showing with 2362, which allowed them to climb past the University of Nebraska into third place.

Bamsey didn’t stop with the team effort though. His score of 595 qualified him for his second final of the weekend (PDF), where he where he went on to win Silver!