Jo Pullen and Dan Rivers collect Silver and Bronze.

Dean Bale claimed the top spot in the combined 3P Final at the BFRC Open today.

After the men and women had fired their 3×40 and 3×20 matches respectively, the matches were combined taking the first 20 shots in each position from the Men’s 3×40, with the top 8 going forward into a mixed final.

Accompanying Dean in the Final were Dan Rivers, Mark Szymankiewicz, Zoe Bruce, Hannah Pugsley, Katie Gleeson, Lee Sharon and Jo Pullen in that order, with Qualification scores ranging from 563 to 544.

Dean led after the kneeling phase, followed by Sharon Lee and Jo Pullen who pulled out solid shoots, despite having qualified in 7th and 8th. In the Prone phase, Jo went on to overtake both Sharon and Dean, climbing into the lead by 0.2points. Dan Rivers was lurking in fourth however, and passed Sharon in the first 10 standing shots. Dean also established a comfortable 6.5point lead with a strong standing phase including two 10.8s in the last 5 shots.


Full results are available on the BFRC website.