Bamsey and Lee take 3-Positional titles

David Phelps was crowned Welsh Champion on Sunday. Shooting in tough winds, he managed 610.3, with runner up Fred Brown on 608.3 and Sian Corish taking third with 607.9. Andrew Burgess gets an honourable mention as the only other person to crack 600 – with a dead even 600.0, testament to the difficulty of the conditions.

In the Men’s 3×40, Mike Bamsey led the way with 1148. Finn Ryley was runner up on 1120, and Sam Harris in third on 1099. In the final however, Richard Hemingway – qualifying in fourth – held his nerve to climb to second place behind Bamsey.

In the Women’s 3×20, Sian Corish led Sharon Lee 560 to 557, but in the final traded places, with Sharon taking the Open title.


The Welsh Confined Championship was preceeded by the Welsh Open Championship. David Binney of Hampshire won X-Class with 623.8 x41, narrowly edging out Gary Duff of Northern Ireland on 622.4 x35. Jonathan Andrews of Havant took Bronze with 619.8 x37.


In A-Class, Chris Hunter took the top spot on 608.9 x22. Richard Hemingway placed second with 607.1 x28 with finn Ryley taking third on 605.5 x28.

Sam Hill led B-Class on 614.7 x31, with runner-up Andrew Burgess on 600.0 x17 and Lee Roussel taking the third spot on 595.4 x16.

Jesse Frost led C-Class with 591.1 x16, also taking the Welsh Junior title. Andy Phillips followed on 585.8 x13, just 0.3 points ahead of Bronze medallist Paul Chen 585.5 x14.