Georgina Geikie holds off Coral Kennerley in Women’s ChampionshipKristian Callaghan was crowned Men’s Air Pistol Champion and the British Airgun Championships during a dominating final. Tying in the lead with Stewart Nangle after the first finals string, Kristian took the initiative, leading the remainder of the final to hold a 1.5point advantage after 18 shots. A final wobble with a pair of 8s was not enough however, with Nangle closing the gap by a full point to finish 191.9 to 191.4. Bronze was taken by Pavelas Voitiukevicius, who solidly held his position from the second string through to his eventual elimination after 18 shots.

Gorgs had to work harder to regain her position, with Coral Kennerley moving into Gold Medal position after the second string. The sparring was shot-lived however, with Gorgs accelerating away to develop a comfortable 6.2 point lead and a 195.5 finish. Coral Kennerley finished with 189.3 and Victoria Mullims made it onto the final step of the podium, all having occupied medal positions for the entirety of the final.


Men’s Air Pistol Final

Women’s Air Pistol Final