Two medals from two matches in new-format competition

Dave Phelps and Sharon Lee made the most of the BFRC’s Prone events this weekend, winning a Gold and Silver each at the Lord Roberts Centre, Bisley. A new format to make space for more competitors saw each shooter compete in two of the three Prone Matches, each including an Olympic Final for the top 8 qualifiers. The day saw mild winds rising in the afternoon, though this was no impediment with the best qualifying score of the day shot in the final match (Phelps: 619.4).

English Match 1

  1. Dave Phelps
  2. Richard Chasemore
  3. Dom Cowen

English Match 2

  1. Rachel Glover
  2. Sharon Lee
  3. Austin Wilshire

English Match 3

  1. Sharon Lee
  2. Dave Phelps
  3. Lina Jones

Full Results are available on the BFRC Website.