Jen holds nerve to finish strong after air rifle malfunction.


Britain’s sole rifle shooter at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games Jen McIntosh has placed 15th in the Women’s 10M Air Rifle.

Suffering a malfunction halfway through the match, the Jury deemed the fault allowable and Jen’s rifle was rushed to the service workshop. Remaining focussed however, she finished strongly with her last string being her best of the match.


Her final score was: 104.3; 102.9; 103.4; 105.0 = 414.7


The top qualifying score was 420.7, scored by Li Du of China and 415.9 was the lowest qualifying score to make the final. Nineteen year old Virginia Thrasher of the USA won the final, having qualified in 6th place at what is her first Olympic Games. She brings a UK link, being an athlete scholar at West Virginia University where she trains under the supervision of WVU’s Head Coach – British Olympian Jon Hammond, alongside British team mate Mike Bamsey.
This is a really solid start and indicator of form for Jen in what is her secondary event. In London she placed 36th in the Air Rifle, so 15th represents a significant boost in her match form. Her favoured event – the 50 Metre 3-Position Rifle is on Thursday 11th.Keep up with Jen’s news on her Facebook PageFull Results